Everybuddy Java


The most basic goal of Everybuddy Java (EBJava) is to employ the nearly universal presance of the World Wide Web and Java on modern computers to provide a widely accessible method of real time communication with other Internet users.

Everybuddy Java (EBJava) was inspired by the Everybuddy Project, which created a program that allows users to access multiple messaging services simultaneously through one unified client. EBJava goes a step further allowing a user to access his or her account from any computer with web access and a Java runtime. Its client/server design provides many advantages including the possibility to save contact lists, increased security through encryption, conservation of limited bandwidth, and interface size. The fact that it's written in Java makes it embedable and cross platform.

As of this release (v1.0.0), EBJava "only" interfaces with messaging services. Future plans include IRC integration, email messaging, email checking, and even perhaps h.323 audio/video support through Java Media Framework. All of this follows the goal of a widely accessible means of personal communication.

All graphics in EBJava and on this site were based on the graphics used on www.everybuddy.com at one point, and were used with permission.